Space DJ in VR

Introduction Video


I am always curious what is an intuitive way of interaction in VR. At present, the mainstream manufacturers design good controller for VR headsets.
However, for non-hardcore-gamers, it takes time for them to learn the basic input module of VR. Base on such fact, together with Zhen Cao, I design and implement this project in which you can use your bare hand to interact in VR.
This project is a music-composing experience which happens in outer space. There are five planets, and each planet has a different soundtrack – the drum, melody, bass, special sound effect and ambience music. Using Leap Motion, the player can trigger a particular planet with his or her hand.
This project is included in Virtual Reality Lab 2016 Projects, Official Link
System Requirement: a MacOS machine, Oculus DK2, Leap Motion
Dowaload Link: Click me to download


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